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We believe innovation must act in harmony with nature.

Environmental Impact

We gained our lead position in the market thanks to our uninterrupted efforts in R & D, our investment in productivity, our creation of innovative concepts, lens care solutions and packages while continuously maintaining high quality.

Today, in our role as an avant-garde company, Microclair establishes new technological standards in terms of environmental protection:

  • We carefully select our partners throughout the world by directing our choices towards suppliers that are respectful of the environment.
  • Our partners share our philosophy of using materials and energy sources as effectively as possible. We are committed to reduce the amount of pollutants emitted.
  • For the consumer, we were the first company to eliminate plastic PVC pouches and replace them with PET pouches.
  • More recently, we have begun a new packaging program using mainly recycled paper and materials which can be re-reused.

Environmental protection is a key value for us. We will continue to promote ecological processes by developing a variety of respectful products from the environment and by cautiously selecting suppliers who share this vision of the future.

We believe innovation must act in harmony with nature.