Microclair™ Technology

Microfiber Cloth - Microfibre


Our microfiber is our trademark. Often imitated but still unmatched, Microclair® is unique by virtue of its manufacturing process whether its proprietary fiber composition at 50% nylon 50% polyester, its knitting or its finishing which gives the fabric its special characteristics of being resilient, with a luxurious drape and body. We call this the Microclair signature touch. It offers incomparable cleaning performance attracting dust, grime, and oily films.

  • Powerful Dirt and Oil Pickup: The 50% polyester blend offers a high oil-absorbency removing fingerprints and smudges without scratching.
  • High Water Absorbency: The 50% nylon core filaments are extremely hydrophilic and absorb water quickly from the surface leaving the surface with a perfect polished finish every time.
  • Won’t Lint: Our microfiber filaments are of an exceptional quality and extremely long, therefore when woven into a textile, it resists breakage and degradation, making the cloth lint-free, even after many uses and washes
  • Durable and Long-Life: Microclair® cloths withstand hundreds of machine washes with no decrease in performance while retaining their shape and texture over long periods of time
  • Technological superiority: Our proprietary microfiber structure is composed of super-fine sharp edged fibers that are completely split from their core to enables to grab, lift, and hold dust, dirt, and oil better than other products which only moves them. Microfiber cloth can be used dry or wet with a lens cleaner
  • Quick drying characteristic: Microclair® ‘s unique fiber splitting allows air to circulate better and the cloth to dry faster than ordinary microfiber cloth.